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Pandaperson played Half-Life

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Even though I've played through this game for PC, I'd always wanted to try out this verison of it too. I'm pleased to see that there are a fair amount of new things in this version to keep me (and probably only me) interested. For one thing, it's using the models and sound effects from the enhanced visuals pack released with the PC version of Half-Life: Blue Shift, but it also has new models and animations for all the stuff hanging on the walls, like the health stations and eye scanners. There's also a new intro to the Hazard Course section that I didn't expect (complete with more lines for the scientist characters) and re-recorded lines for much of the hazard course for anything involving a reference to a "key" changed to a "button". There's also a new section in there talking about how to use the lock-on feature which is probably the most perfect lock-on I've ever seen in a game. You have to point pretty close to them to do it, but once you do you only need to manage the verticality of your view. A bunch of small things, I know, but I enjoy discovering them all the same.

Half-Life (PS2)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 13/NOV/01
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didn't even know this was on the ps2 until I saw your comment. According to the description it also has a co op mode with a separate story :O
@pongsifu That it does. It's called "Decay" and it involves two female scientists. I'd love to be able to give it a shot, but since it requires two local players chances are slim indeed. This port appears to have been done by Valve itself, so I bet the co-op mechanics they come up with are cool, too..
Actually you can play Decay alone; you have to keep switching between characters. I played a few missions like that. I'm sure playing with an actual person works much, much better though, not to mention it should be more fun.

To unlock one more, "secret" mission, you need to finish all regular coop missions with both characters earning an A, and I don't know if that's even doable this way.

Anyway, have fun! :)
@Retodon8 Yeah, I was considering that, but I think I'd prefer actually doing it with another person. Ah, oh well. Maybe some day someone'll come along who isn't totally sick of Half-Life and actually knows how to play a console FPS at the same time. =o
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